Ask Me Anything

Ask away, but keep in mind that I may take a while to respond.

Are you coming to India anytime soon? 🤩

The last time I was in India was the summer of 2021, so hopefully sometime in 2023. I will surely be visiting before or during 2024.

postgres or mySQL?

PostgreSQL without a second thought.

What're your thoughts on Netlify?

I haven't used it that much, but I recently collaborated on a project with a friend where we deployed serverless functions built in Rust to Netlify, and the whole workflow was really smooth. I enjoyed the micro-interactions and subtle gamification of things on their website with their card matching game. It had me thinking about these noteworthy details in design make indelible impressions on the user.

favorite design lib?

I'm guessing you're talking about component libraries. In that case, I generally tend to use Stitches/CSS Modules to style my applications. From my limited experience, I enjoyed using Radix for primitives, and Chakra or IBM Carbon when I don't want to write my own styles.

Do u play any games?

Occasionally some Valorant or Fortnite. I'm mainly constrained by time.

How did u build this site?

If you're asking for the code, check out the GitHub. If you're asking for the tech stack, check out the '/abt' page.

Do you invest in crypto? Which ones?

I'm not big on cryptocurrencies for their environmental impacts. Bitcoin alone reversed all the gains we've made through solar panels.

When did u start coding?

Eleven years young was when I coding rather actively, though I've been doing things on Scratch/freeCodeCamp/ since I was in eight or nine.

How do you give talks at meetups and conferences?

I submit a CFP (call for papers) or just directly message/email an event organiser, expressing to them that I have something I'd like to share. I then introduce myself and give them a brief outline about the talk.

Have you built a PC before?

I have. Ryzen 7 APU with 16GB DDR4 RAM. For full specs, check out '/uses'.

how did you built this?

The code is open-source on GitHub. Go to '/abt' for more details on the technology.

What is your favourite database?

PostgreSQL, without much second thought. I've been using it for a while, and I (mostly) love everything about it.

what is harshhhdev-bot?

It's just another GitHub account I created to manage my README, which runs a GitHub action daily updating my README with my most recent blog posts and coding activity from Wakatime.

How long did it take you to build this website?

I have re-designed and created several iterations of this site. I would guess around a month or two for this particular iteration.

Have you tried tRPC? Its the coolest thing ever. You should check it out if you haven't tried it yet

I don't care much about these technologies now. I think it's great for people to take a look into all the new things in the ecosystem if they want to build TypeScript/JavaScript APIs in the future, but it simply isn't for me. I have begun to focus more on Rust if there's something new I'd like to learn.

favourite colour?

I generally tend to like lighter, pastel colours. If I had to pick a shade that I love the most, I'd something like light pink with the hex of #FFA2CB.

How tall are you?

I'm currently 6' or ~182cm tall. I'm still growing, and I think I'll stop at around ~185cm or 6'1".

Where in Delhi did you live?

I lived in East Delhi.

how do u give talks?

Generally, I find events online that I've been following for a while and fill out a form with a talk I'd like to share.

vercel or netlify?

Depends. If I'm deploying a regular Next.js app with a Node.js backend, I'll go ahead and use Vercel. However, I've been re-writing a lot of my serverless applications with Rust recently, and because of Rust's focus on zero-cost abstractions, serverless functions boot much quicker. For these Rust functions, I prefer Netlify as they have better support for it. Vercel supports serverless Rust functions too, but it's maintained by their community and it's WASM-based, whereas Netlify uses Rust binaries.