Harsh Singh

Developer, Designer & Student

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

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Painting beautiful interfaces. Building tools and polished user interactions.

Following passion, living what I love. Enjoys lifting weights, evening walks, databases, Linux, Vim, and other random computer things.

Feel free to check out my gear, or the music I've been listening to.

If you're ever near the Dallas-Fort Worth area, let's hang out. Looking for new opportunities. Reach out at @harshhhdev or hi.harsh@pm.me.

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Harsh's Lab (WIP)

Exploring and documenting magical details in user interfaces.


An accessible and animated command menu for React for a refined navigation experience.



Pastel-themed i3wm and Arch Linux rice.

Custom Pointer React

Animated custom cursors for React.



A lightweight pastebin for sharing text and code snippets.

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Creating an Accessible Command Menu in React

All about building custom accessible command menus.

Why ORMs Aren't Always a Great Idea

Why ORMs aren't always a great way to represent and model relational data.

Referential Integrity With Sharded Databases

Exploring sharding and referential integrity


Designing for the elderly

A guide to design accessible interfaces for older adults.


Business Cards in the Terminal

Hacker-esque introductions with NPM

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Building an Accessible Command Menu

Building an accessible command menu with React and Tailwind.

Building Serverless Remix Applications with GraphQL

Building with Remix, Prisma, GraphQL, and CockroachDB.

Kubernetes and Serverless Databases

An exploration into serverless database architecture.

From PostgreSQL to CockroachDB

Migrate your application onto CockroachDB serverless with zero application downtime.


Database Design 101

The basics of designing a database.

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